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Chiropractic really is the place to start for many health conditions


Our bodies were made to function properly when the spine and bones are in proper alignment and moving well. When there is a problem, it can affect many other parts of the body, cause pain, and prevent a healthy lifestyle.  Chiropractic realigns the spine and supporting structures to remove pain and restore health.

Picture of auto mechanic working on a car engine
work injury

Each year, over 3 million workers are hurt on the job in the US.


Chiropractic care helps workers to get back on their feet and back on the job!


Washington state law allows you to select a doctor of your choice, so make sure you select a provider that will advocate for you, rather than your employer.

Image of a wrecked vehicle
auto accident

Often the damage to your body from a car accident doesn't show up for months or years. Even if you think the pain will go away, please don't ignore your health! Get checked out after an accident, and don't forget the other passengers and any children that may have been in the car too.


Over 2 million injuries from auto accidents are reported each year in the US. If you are hurt, make sure to visit our office and get well!

Picture of a woman holding he rneck in pain
neck pain

Neck pain can be caused by a great number of problems. Posture, work station positioning, stress, trauma, over-exertion and bone structure can all cause misalignment.


Come in and we will explore possible causes, and work to get you out of pain! This part of your spine can heal quickly with proper care and treatment, and you will be taking great long-term care of your body.

Picture of a woman's back as she look out at the bay
back pain

Back pain can signal more than just pain. Oftentimes it is also accompanied by swelling and spasm in your muscles and soft tissues. The spinal bones in your back also protect the nerves to your organs - so problems in your spine can actually be adversely affecting your overall function. By removing the source of pain, you can eliminate pain and protect your vital body functions.

picture of man holding his head in pain

Anyone who suffers from headaches can tell you how much they affect your life. Though "invisible" they are far from intangible.


Up to 90% of headaches are considered to originate in the neck. Why not start attacking headaches at the source! Instead of medication to mask them, choose chiropractic to prevent them!


silhouette of man playing basketball
sports injuries

Sports injuries can cause serious damage to the body, and it is so important to make sure you get the proper treatment after an injury.


Good spinal alignment and rehab is important in getting back to a healthy lifestyle, so come in and talk to Dr Sweet about your injuries and he will work to have you back out in the playing field in no time!


Better yet, prevent injuries by being adjusted prior to competition!


picture of legswalking on railroad tracks
tingling in arms
or legs

Everyone has hit their "funny bone" from time to time. Everyone knows that tingling and burning feeling down your arm. This is because the ulnar nerve has been aggravated.


Much like this example, tingling into your arms and legs comes from irritation of nerves - most likely at the spinal level. Chiropractic adjusting can remove nerve irritation.



picture of two young girls waling across a bridge

From newborn to teenager, children respond well to chiropractic adjustments. These formative years are crucial in getting and keeping the spine and body in alignment supporting healthy growth.


We treat children of all ages!


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